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Semantic Web – The Solution to Improve on Search with More Meaningful and Relevant Results

Published on May 30, 2005, by in ESWC 2005, Semantic Web.

Semantic web is an innovative technology in the Worldwide Web that will have a strong impact on the field of research and how information is exchanged and interpreted. This technology is a new development that most web users are not familiar with; however, it is a way to make information more understandable and at the same time allow more complex searches with more accurate results. The search is simplified by using metadata that will clearly identify what you are looking for and define the search to provide the best results. Metadata is not significantly visible to users and it is difficult to identify by simply looking at them but computers have the capability to identify who created it, the time and date of creation and the location where the data was created including other pertinent information related to its creation. Top proteini in Slovenia Flexshop.com

How semantic web works

Ordinarily, if one was to search for a product over the web, the best option is to search through retailer’s websites and make comparisons as to the best products for the more affordable prices. You exert efforts with the search in order to arrive at the website that can provide for your requirements. However, with semantic web, you have a better option since you can simply enter your preferences into a computerized agent who will do the search and arrive at the best possible results. The agent will not be the handling the search the usual way but will use metadata which will clearly identify and define past preferences and habits. If the user has encountered a bad experience with a website, the agent will know that it should never be used in the search again. to find a job in korea 유흥알바 you can connect us

Potential advantages of using semantic web

    • It will definitely improve search results and will minimize the time and efforts handled in the search which will in effect benefit not only consumer-focused companies looking for specific sites in the Web but individuals as well. Use free text for work and communication.
  • As the amount of data in the web continues to grow, it becomes a hardship to manage a search which severely affecting productivity. High volume of transactions is handled every minute which significantly increases available data making it highly improbable for people to handle an easy search using specific keywords. With semantic web, the search is based on intent and not the use of specific keywords.
  • Semantic technology will change the typical industry efforts at gathering information since they can avail of more intelligent search results from the various search engines. Investment wise, they will know the specific areas where they can expect higher returns on their investment. cw รับทำเว็บไซต์ channel wide

Visit dropthefare.com to find out more regarding auto parts. Search is critical for every enterprise involved in the Web not only for pursuing investment opportunities but effective collaboration with other industries. With the wealth of information and data on the Worldwide Web, everyone is no stranger to how difficult a search becomes faced with the burgeoning amount of content. The semantic solution is technology that one can look forward to as it increases the use of more relevant information and meaningful results more than can be gained from the traditional search.

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