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Looking Forward to the New Challenge Semantic Web

Published on June 12, 2006, by in ESWC 2006.

Once you enter professional life, there is often limited time to read books or attend advanced education to understand about new technologies that will affect your enterprise. It is every businesses goal to stay ahead of the competition and the least you can do is to attend workshops, seminars and training to gain an overview on what is the current buzz in technology that will have an impact on your organization. Even if critics continue to question the feasibility of semantic web, proponents confirm its potential for businesses. Organizations continue to rely on the traditional method of using search engines to determine the best suppliers of products and services for reasonable prices but semantic web is new technology where machines can do the tasks that were designed for humans.

Advantages of attending workshops

To be updated with the current trends in technology – workshops serve the purpose to disseminate knowledge and information. Professionals share their ideas and views based on their experiences and since semantic web is a vision for the future, knowing about the technology will definitely enhance the management system. The terms semantics, metadata and ontology are terms that most of you may be familiar with but not with their relation to semantic web and how it enables the technology where machines can become intelligent decision makers.

To realize continuous improvement – workshops allow new knowledge on the current trends in technology which you can adapt for improvement. Semantic web is not bestowing artificial intelligence to machines but it allows the computer to find the necessary information and interpret it to a limited extent. This technology can be incorporated into your enterprise to enjoy an automated decision maker in some aspects of your organization like customer support and warehousing. It is probably too good to be true but many sites are already using semantic web even while ongoing development.

To enhance performance – you learn more from workshops because there is the interaction with other professionals in the industry. To a certain extent, your performance is positively impacted by the information imbibed from others who have had a vast experience in certain new technologies. If you are not familiar with semantic web, workshops will provide you the information you seek and you can evaluate the information whether this technology can be integrated into your enterprise.

A large number of conferences and workshops are being scheduled to explain the benefits that industries can gain from semantic web. At this point in the evolution of the web, you best option would be semantic web which is definitely a vision for the future. Developers also need to keep abreast of the latest developments so that they can precisely create the tags and ontologies they will need. However, the Worldwide Web is so enormous with billions of pages and content and it will take every developer time and efforts to add metadata into existing pages. There are also many potential hurdles for developers but this a challenge for the future. Even if some of the functions of semantic web are still under development, it is something that developers can look forward to.