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Semantic Web for your Business

Published on June 6, 2007, by in ESWC 2007.

More and more people have come to depend on the convenience and functionalities of the internet. As a result, more and more technological improvements are also being introduced to enhance the overall experience of every web user. Among these many technological developments is what we now know as semantic web. This modern technology allows common framework for data searched to be processed using machines. Different industries have already benefited from the utilization of semantic web like the social networking industry, publishing, and blogging. Developers are constantly exploring semantic web to be of more use to other industries. Admittedly, it has not yet gained total acceptance and recognition of the entire web community, but this is expected to change as it continues to evolve and develop in the Worldwide Web.

Tim Berners-Lee had the original vision of seeing computers that are capable of making their own data analysis on the web. Such analysis will be based on the content, links, and transactions between computers and their users. This is what Semantic Web is all about. When this happens, the vision aims to bring into reality the “intelligent agents” that will enhance our day-to-day online trading and transactions. It aims to trim down bureaucracy and allow machines to efficiently add more convenience to our daily lives. This concept may have been touted by so many critics for such a long time, but it is slowly starting to materialize.

With the realization of the Semantic Web, individuals and owners of business establishments are expected to save a lot of time doing relevant research using search engines. With the presence of Semantic web, search engine results will be more targeted and significant since machines are expected to have analyzing capabilities that were once limited to humans. It could even be a better experience since computers are better equipped to handle enormous data from different applications.

Semantic Web could very well revolutionize the way you do your business. Imagine having computers that are capable of coming up with rational and intelligent decisions – these will truly provide the ultimate solutions for many of your operational requirements like customer support and warehousing. It can be pretty unbelievable and overwhelming to think about this scenario but the development of semantic technology is really making all of these possible. It aims to enhance knowledge management and minimize, if not totally eliminate, all those manual interventions. Needless to say, the technology will also give you the edge that you need to keep up with or overtake your competitors.

The Semantic Web does come with its own challenges. With billions of content found and processed in the Worldwide web, semantic web is faced with the difficulty of having to deal with semantic duplicated terms. It is also a great concern that human manipulations could compromise the veracity as there will always be attempts to input spurious metadata into the Web pages. All these are being addressed as more developments are introduced in the semantic web. As it is, Semantic IS the future and business owners should eventually consider how this revolutionary framework can help their business in order to gain competitive advantage.